LATEST NEWS – dates for 2015 Festival
2015 – The third Wildflower Festival in the Rhodope Mountains will be held around Smolyan from the 20 to the 28th of June 2015. Please click here for more information on the festival and all the activities.

For a quick guide to the events, peoples and places of the festivals please download our publication.

The Rhodope Mountains of Southern Bulgaria are filled with wildflowers – almost 2000 species have been recorded here in its mosaic of forests, meadows and farmland. The mountains have been occupied since prehistoric times and were named for the beautiful Thracian Queen Rhodope.  An ancient legend tells of the Thracian King Hem and Queen Rhodope, who loved each other so much that they called each other with the names of the gods Zeus and Hera. The gods were so angry at their insolence that they separated them and transformed them into distantly located mountains (the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains).  These mountains were home to the Thracians, Orpheus the legendary musician and Spartacus, hero of the Roman slaves.

The Rhodope Wildflower Festival will take place from June 21st to June 29th 2014. A wide range of activities, events and botanical tours are planned and a detailed programme will be uploaded as soon as it is finalised. You can keep up with the latest information via the Rhodope Wildflower Festival website.

Key plant species to look out for are the endemic Rhodope lily (Lilium rhodopaeum), (Harberlea rhodopensis), (Tulipa rhodopaea), (Lathraea rhodopaeа) and the many gentian, saxifrage and orchid species of the mountains.

Please visit the local festival website and facebook page, to find out more about the Rhodope Wildflower Festival.

Programme for the Rhodope Wildflower Festival June 2014

The Programme for the Rhodope Wildflower Festival is now available.
The festival runs from Saturday June 21st to Sunday June 29th. There is an exciting range of botanical, culinary, hiking, biking, artistic and photographic events.
Please click here to download the programme for the Rhodope Mountain WIldflower Festival June 21-29th 2014.
For further information, please visit the programme on the following site: www.rhodopeflowersfestival.org.

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The Patchwork Meadow is on its way

In Bulgaria the Patchwork meadow initiative is becoming more and more popular. Schools, community houses and nature history museums throughout the country are now promoting the idea. With the help of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) workshops and presentations are organized informing the young nature lovers about the interesting plants of the country, suggesting to collect more information about the traditional uses of the plants and to work on the artistic patches. Hundreds of diffe...
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