Create your patch

The Patchwork Meadow Project in the UK is no longer open for new contributions. We would like to thank everybody who took part in the project and we hope that you will enjoy the images on the online gallery, the touring exhibition and the UK Patchwork Meadow publication (available on our Resources Page). The instructions below show how the squares were created for the project.

The basic rules are that each square should be 15 x 15 cm, any fabric technique (sewing, weaving, knitting, lace, felt, painting, printing etc), any design and you should include your name and the name of your plant(s). You can include any other text that you wish including the name of your organisation. All age groups and skill levels are welcome. Your square should be mounted on card (acid free foam or mount board are best but any rigid, unprinted card would work) (please see below for information on how to mount your square).

Looking for inspiration? There are more than 20 factsheets available in our themes section.

Please click here to download an information leaflet on how to take part.
Please click here for instructions on how to mount your square on cardboard
Please click here for information about entering your information in the online submission form

If you are able to, and you would like to contribute to the costs of coordinating the Patchwork Meadow project in the UK you can donate at JustGiving. You can also donate by mobile phone by texting PWMP85 and putting either (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) after this and sending to 70070. Any contribution of any amount would be gratefully received.

You can also add video or audio files with your square. Click here to see an example.

We hope that schools and nurseries will be inspired to take part. School participants can upload photographs of their squares and pictures but may want to keep all the squares in their own school for display. We hope to upload a schools information pack in the near future.

Please tell us which UK county you would like your patch to be exhibited in.
Please tell us which country you would like your patch to be exhibited in.
Brief information on why you chose this plant, technique, materials.
Which theme(s) inspired you to create your patch?
Key words which could be used to describe your patch e.g. history, Shakespeare, story title etc
If you are able to upload a good quality image of your patch please do so here before sending it to us by post. If not, just leave this field blank.
If you would like to attach an audio or video file to your patch, please do so here.

By submitting this square I agree that it can be photographed and displayed in the online gallery and in exhibitions, and used to produce information materials and publications. I understand that my square will not be returned to me.