The following project publications show some of the many activities that have been happening over the course of Wildflower Europe in the five countries. Please click on the titles in bold to download the publications as pdfs.

The ‘People Who Made It Happen report is a small selection of stories from participants of the project from Patchwork Meadow stitchers, to Romanian chefs, to visiting journalists and children.

The ‘Community History Archives publication provides a range of useful information on how archiving can be used for communities, individuals and conservationists. There is a section on how to develop an archive by Stevan Lockhart of Tinslave Consultancy and pilot archive projects in Croatia, Romania and Slovenia.

The ‘Patchwork Meadow – Tapestries for Our Times publication is a record of a selection of the many images, stories, individuals and organisations who took part in the UK element of the Patchwork Meadow.

The Slovenian Publication ‘Flowers of Bohinjillustrates the walk and stories of wild plants around Bohinj illustrated with photographs and Patchwork Meadow squares from Slovenia.

The Romanian Publication ‘Flowers in the Pot‘ celebrates the local and Transylvanian recipes which use wild flowers or come from flower rich agricultural landscapes.


Commonwealth Flowers

National & Culturally Important Plants of the British Overseas Territories

National & Culturally Important Plants of African Commonwealth Countries