Local Products, Crafts & Tourism

Fundatia Adept has been working with local farmers and villagers to develop and improve sustainable rural incomes.

One of the reasons that the landscape is filled with wild flowers is that the land is farmed on a small scale, with traditional hay making systems and the use of natural rather than chemical fertilisers. However this small scale system also makes it difficult for farmers to sell their products within the increasingly large scale and complex European agricultural system. Fundatia Adept has funded the creation of local milk collection and processing centres which allow farmers to comply with EU food safety requirements and to market a range of local diary products.

Another growing local industry is jam using wild and cultivate fruits. A range of over twenty different jams are produced by local women from family recipes who sell them through local and sometimes national markets.

There is plenty of opportunity to visit the region, stay in local homes and experience elements of rural life such herding, bee keeping, bread making, and charcoal making. A cycle route through the region is being extended and there are a range of maps for walkers, cyclists, and naturalists. Please visit the Discover Târnava Mare and Fundatia Adept websites to find out more and this region and how you can visit.