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The festival programme for the 9th International Wildflower Festival in Bohinj is available online. There is another fantastic programme of activities from concerts, walks, culinary events, artistic exhibitions and photographic experts.
For a quick taste of activities and the views of visitors and participants please download our publication.

In the heart of the Triglav National Park, in the alpine meadows of the Julian Alps, the wildflowers are an integral part of the landscape. Naturally fertilised hay meadows, which are still part of an active farmed landscape, are increasingly rare in all parts of Europe. Bohinj has them in abundance as well as a rich diversity of cultural and community events throughout the year.

The communities around Lake Bohinj celebrated their first Wildflower Festival in 2005 and it has grown in many directions since then. There are activities for local, national and international audiences, families and individual travellers, from enthusiastic botanists to visitors simply interested in interesting events in beautiful surroundings.

The 2014 festival runs from the 24th of May until the 8th of June. There is a wide range of botanical tours and cultural events including local musicians, culinary offerings, an embroidery exhibition, markets for local products and Patchwork Meadow exhibitions. Please click here for a detailed programme of the festival.

Species to look out for include the Triglav flower (Potentilla nitidus), the Triglav poppy, Zois’s gentian, alpine clematis and the many orchids, Astrantia, sweet William, meadow clary and lilies of the meadows.

Please visit the Slovenia Wildflower Festival Website to find out more about the festival activities and visit the Turizm Bohinj website to find out more about visiting Bohinj.

Launch of the 8th alpine flower festival in Bohinj, Slovenia

Patchwork Meadow exhibition, fashion show and local food tasting have coloured the launch of the 8th alpine flower festival in Bohinj. A hundred of guests and visitors have touched, smelt and feasted their eyes as a warm up to the various activities that will take place during the next two weeks (23/05 – 08/06). The festival organiser countries as Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Scotland were all there to celebrate this fantastic event. The Slovenian President’s visit beforehand has certainly...
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Land of Milk and Honey

The name ‘Bohinj’ is derived from the word for ‘God’ perhaps indicating the idyllic setting of the valleys and mountains. It still has a good claim to being the land of milk and honey as it has a thriving local industry in the production of Bohinj cheese from the alpine meadows and honey from local beehives. Turizem Bohinj has been working with farmers and other organisations to set up the cheese trail and the honey trail which allow visitors to walk through the mountains on paths that t...
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