Land of Milk and Honey

The name ‘Bohinj’ is derived from the word for ‘God’ perhaps indicating the idyllic setting of the valleys and mountains. It still has a good claim to being the land of milk and honey as it has a thriving local industry in the production of Bohinj cheese from the alpine meadows and honey from local beehives. Turizem Bohinj has been working with farmers and other organisations to set up the cheese trail and the honey trail which allow visitors to walk through the mountains on paths that take them through cheese and honey producing farms.

As part of the 2011 Wildflower Festival farmers and local producers fromRomaniaand theUKmet with Bohinj farmers. The aim of the workshop was to discuss how to develop a Bohinj brand marketing high quality local food products as a way of improving local incomes and maintaining a biodiversity rich landscape.

The cheese and honey trails are only some of the 3000 kilometres of marked trails in the valleys and mountains of Bohinj and theTriglavNational Park. Information and maps are available from Turizem Bohinj and there is also a Cicerone Guide to theJulian Alps.