Life, Love, Remembrance

Wild plants play a central part in all the rituals of our lives from birth, naming, childhood, love, marriage, to death and remembrance. They are part of the games, rhymes, dances and songs of both childhood and adulthood. Who has never made a daisy chain on a summer afternoon, or played a game of conkers, or kissed under the mistletoe?

Wild plants are perhaps most associated with love and romance and they play a key role in courtship rituals all over the world. Yarrow has been used to find a lover or a husband and wild pansy used in potions to entice or ensnare a lover. Wild plants are integral to grieving and remembrance rituals and have been used for this purpose from the very earliest human societies. An 8000 year old burial of a mother and two children in the Sahara was found on a bed of flower pollen, and meadowsweet sprigs and pollen are frequently found in Bronze Age burials in Britain.

Please download our factsheets on romance, remembrance and song and dance to find out more about the way wild plants are central to the fabric of our lives.


Love, Romance and Marriage